FOG Monitor Smart Meter can help institutions reduce cost, avoid back-ups and meet their sustainability initiatives

About 80% of sewer blockages are caused by fats, oils and grease
About 10,000 tonnes of fat, oil and grease enter the drainage system each year - reducing the sewer capacity by up to 10%
Depending on the size of the spill, costs can range from $800,000 - $1 million dollars to repair a sewage spill
3.5 million people fall ill from swimming in waters contaminated by sanitary sewer overflows every year in the USA

6 ways the FOG Monitor Smart Meter will help your institution


Cost Reduction

Reduce cost from unnecessary pump-outs and plumbing


Multi-location Oversight

Monitor grease levels from a network of interceptors.


Back-up Avoidance

Prevent the back-ups of your interceptors.


Brand Image

Keep your institution brand in good standings .


Good Relation With Regulators

Maintain a good relationship with enforcement officials.



Maintain the growth and success of your institution.

FOG Monitor sensor

FOG Monitor sensor device

FOG Monitor is the world’s first wireless smart meter monitoring solution for grease interceptors

Riptide Tek’s FOG Monitor – a new smart meter technology that provides warnings that will let you know when a grease interceptor is full, and ready to be pumped. Allowing liquid handling customers to automatically improve efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability.

The FOG Monitor smart meter determines interceptor FOG and sludge levels and wirelessly send the information to a display panel showing exactly how much material is present.

The display will send out an alert when the FOG level has reached a pre-set level and that a pump-out is require. Saving the FSE pumping costs from frequent pump-outs and damages due to overflows.

  • Reduced cost
  • Multi-location oversight
  • Back-up avoidance
  • Maintain brand image
  • Good relations with regulators
  • Sustainability

The smart-meter determines interceptor FOG and sludge levels and informs facility managers, pumpers/haulers and enforcement officials when a pump-out is needed. It records grease and sludge level data, and displays level data on a monitor panel showing exactly how much material is present in real time.

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