Riptide FOGmonitor

Riptide Tek, a clean-tech company focusing on liquid-liquid and liquid-solid separation technology is introducing the Riptide FOGmonitor, a smart meter device that monitors the grease and solid levels in a grease interceptor and wirelessly communicates the information onto a display panel allowing improvements on efficiency, reliability, sustainability and economics in the FOG management process.

Food service establishments, facility managers, municipal ordinances and pumpers/haulers will benefit through:

  • Streamlining their pump-out handling
  • Knowledge of grease level
  • improving community stewardship
  • Maintaining their brand image

The FOGmonitor was designed with convenience in mind with features that include:

  • Quick setup
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Low power requirement
  • Network capability

Download our brochure to learn more about the FOGmonitor and how it can benefit you and your establishment.

If you have any questions, we can be contacted at:
[email protected]